Chicks That Rawk is dedicated to the hard rocking woman in the Music Industry.

Especially, those women in the Metal, Hardcore, Industrial, Punk Genres  - and many more!

The Metal Moose Radio Show dedicates one full show every 3 months to bands

 whose members are either all or partially women. 

The Metal Moose Radioshow occurs each week with 2 hours of the best metal & hardcore music on the planet! 

Radio Stations across the globe play our show!

We bring you rock, metal, hardcore, industrial, punk and more from around the world.

 Then we pack it tightly into 2 hours...

 BUT not before we cover it with Cheetos dust and layer it with bacon. 

All the GLORIOUS bacon! 

You love it, we love it - rock out with The Metal Moose!

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